Meomed manufactures and sells medical devices and systems for various applications in the healthcare sector and in the feld of non-destructive testing in industry. We produce premium systems for medical devices in the feld of diagnostic particular imaging systems.

Meomed as a one of four companies in the world, deals with the production of X-ray image intensifer – tubes for C-arms. For these tubes, Meomed manufactures and supplies also imaging chain (RTG objectives, camera, HV power supply). Housing can be made out of carbon, fberglass or aluminium.

The company headquarters is located in the city of Prerov in the Czech Republic. The production is located in the premises of parent company Meopta – optika, s.r.o.

Meomed employs highly qualifed sta? with an extremely high proportion of skilled workers.

During production, we attach the greatest importance to compliance with all relevant proces parameters. To ensure this we have created the necessary infrastructure such as clean rooms that meet the most demanding conditions and international standards.


The beginnings of the real production date back to 2003, when the frst experimental production of X-ray image intensifers in Prerov begins as a part of a company Meopta – optika. On the basis of the good business performance in 2007 was the company – Meomed, s.r.o. founded.

From 2014 Meomed produces a new type of X-ray detector – X Eye, designed in cooperation with Frauenhofer Institut located in Fürth, Germany. X Eye is a X-ray industrial detector for non-destructive testing a product inspection.

Nowadays Meomed employs about 80 highly skilled professionals and continues to grow.

Meomed is certifed according to EN ISO 13 485 as a medical device manufacturer and in accordance with ISO 9001 industry standard.

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