Opportunities for cooperation

Clean rooms

Our company possesses and manufactures in clean rooms, where the decisive parameters prevent product contamination from particles affecting the product quality. Clean rooms are air-conditioned systems with the possibility of regulating and adjusting humidity, temperature and overpressure. We have ISO grade 6 and 8 cleanrooms equipped with degassing furnaces, coating and leak detection devices. We also have automated ultrasonic washing lines.

Our competencies:

  • Vacuum technologyClean room assembly
  • Standard assembly
  • VIG welding
  • Thin film coating
  • Leak detection
  • Medical Device Manufacturing
  • ESD working area
  • X-ray Non-destructive testing
  • In cooperation with the parent company Meopta - optika:
    • Optoelectronic Systems Development
    • Optical systems Manufacturing
    • High precision machining
    • Environmental testing

... and many others


Our partners