Opportunities for cooperation

Manufacture of medical devices

Meomed offers not only production capacities but also production experience with the world's leading manufacturers of radiodiagnostic and in vitro diagnostic devices and their subassemblies. The company itself is also a manufacturer of its own medical devices accessories. 

Meomed is ISO 13485 certified and is well aware of all the specifics and aspects of medical device manufacturing. All the essentials of this production are an automatic part of our team's way of thinking and work.

Our competencies:

  • Vacuum technologyClean room assembly
  • Standard assembly
  • VIG welding
  • Thin film coating
  • Leak detection
  • Medical Device Manufacturing
  • ESD working area
  • X-ray Non-destructive testing
  • In cooperation with the parent company Meopta - optika:
    • Optoelectronic Systems Development
    • Optical systems Manufacturing
    • High precision machining
    • Environmental testing

... and many others


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